Sunday, May 31, 2020

Level 3 Weekend's Homework

05 /31/2020

Weekend's Homework For May31 
Please fallow teacher's assignment deadline on june 6 12pm
1.Finish Workbook  Lesson 11  
2.Record your reading lesson 11 on p.86 "友朋的日記" then send your all assignment 
   by email to teacher 
3.Finish Texbook Sentence Patterns : write down the sentence we circled in class 
   (一)又 V 了一次 1&2 (二)一會兒... 2&4 (三)VV去 1&3 (四)更 3
4.Also finish texbook 11 Exercise 
5.Please complete the 17 flash cards in textbook on page 78 and study
    This Vocabulary word / Phrases we will play it in class

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