Monday, June 22, 2020

2020 暑期三班 Week 1

06 /22 - 06/26/2020

暑期班的功課 Summer Class Homework

同學們要進來把要讀的功課 ,要寫的紙 , 都印出來。

   生字表 click to link

2.把這寫字紙印出來print out the writing paper sheet

3.做字卡,做完字卡請唸和練習for new sdudent I will show you how to make a    flash card

4.請把課文印出來,在家先唸唸看課文print out the handout sheet

5.每週一,二同學要做周末報告Every Monday and Tuesday, students will do over the weekend  speech

All students in level 3

06 /14/2020

Dear all
Thank you for your study in these two semesters. Some people have made a lot of progress.
 Of course, some people have to spend more time studying.  But teacher Shu knows that you are all good children. 👍👍 
I wish you all have a safe and happy summer vacation, and don’t forget to find time to review the Chinese you have learned.
Have a great and safe summer vacation

Monday, June 8, 2020

Level 3 Weekend's Homework

 06 /07/2020

Weekend's Homework for 06/07/20
Please fallow Teacher's assingnment 

1.Record your reading from workbook lesson 11 on p.78                                         May's diary "心美的日記" and
2.Textbook lesson 12 A Special Birthday Card on p.92-p.93 then send your all               assignment 1.2.3. by email to teacher
3.Please write the Chinese Characters  in Lesson 12 on p.94-p.95
   a.特 b.選 c.氣 d.句 e.祝 f.畫 g.圖 h.收 i.應 z.該
4.Quizlet練習 Click link

Saturday, June 6, 2020


06 /02-06/04/2020

每日班的功課 Weekday's Homework

謝謝同學們在這週的很認真的做習造句練 ! 讓我們在下週二再做活動練習,你們好棒 !
時間真快 ,下週就是最後一週上課 了 , 老師會很念大家 ! 

1.請把第十二課的作業本做完,從105 or 83頁到122 or 99。



   把2.3.的功課email 給老師

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Level 3 Weekend's Homework

05 /31/2020

Weekend's Homework For May31 
Please fallow teacher's assignment deadline on june 6 12pm
1.Finish Workbook  Lesson 11  
2.Record your reading lesson 11 on p.86 "友朋的日記" then send your all assignment 
   by email to teacher 
3.Finish Texbook Sentence Patterns : write down the sentence we circled in class 
   (一)又 V 了一次 1&2 (二)一會兒... 2&4 (三)VV去 1&3 (四)更 3
4.Also finish texbook 11 Exercise 
5.Please complete the 17 flash cards in textbook on page 78 and study
    This Vocabulary word / Phrases we will play it in class

Thursday, May 28, 2020


05 /26-05/28-2020

每日班的功課 Weekday's Homework

謝謝同學們在今天的分組活動上都很認真的在討論 ! 雖然今天我們沒能討論到,但是老師把"寫一封信"的練習,當做你們的功課。讓我們在下週二再做活動練習,你們真的很棒                             下面是你們這週的功課:

2.這個星期的閱讀"張莉的信"在111頁,練習完請錄音email 給老師。                  3.把分組活動"一封信"的作文(essay)繼續做完(continune to finish),然後email      給老師。

4.第十課Quizlet練習 click link
5.第十一課閱讀測驗 click link