Monday, June 8, 2020

Level 3 Weekend's Homework

 06 /07/2020

Weekend's Homework for 06/07/20
Please fallow Teacher's assingnment 

1.Record your reading from workbook lesson 11 on p.78                                         May's diary "心美的日記" and
2.Textbook lesson 12 A Special Birthday Card on p.92-p.93 then send your all               assignment 1.2.3. by email to teacher
3.Please write the Chinese Characters  in Lesson 12 on p.94-p.95
   a.特 b.選 c.氣 d.句 e.祝 f.畫 g.圖 h.收 i.應 z.該
4.Quizlet練習 Click link

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  1. shu lao shi is this the summer class?

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